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RFID locks are now offered as the most up to date that modern technology can affordably provide and are fast becoming the industry standard. Utilising contactless “Radio Frequency Identification” (RFID). These operate differently to the traditional magnetic and chip card hotel locks, using Radio Signals in order to communicate between the guest’s Keycard and the Lock.

There are several definite advantages of Contactless RFID over using the older card systems and below are outlined the main drawbacks when using the older Magnetic Swipe and Chip Card systems.

Using the older technology the KeyCard is inserted into the door lock. Due to the physical contact between the magnetic stripe (or the Chip) and the reader assembly the resulting friction on the magnetic strip or Chip will cause scratches on the reading surface. This eventually makes the cards unreadable by the lock. It also causes misreads and difficulty in writing the card at the encoding station. The average life span of such a magnetic strip Key Card is only 300 to 400 uses with the chip cards having only slightly longer life cycles.

The Key Card can very easily be affected by even the smallest magnetic field (even interference from Mobile Phones), making the card unreadable and hence needing replacement, similarly with the Chip Cards; the chip itself is open to the elements.

The traditional card types have limited data storage due to very restricted memory capacity; this then makes it difficult to integrate cards with ancillary equipment such as Lifts, Car Park Barriers, Vending Machines, etc.The RFID “Contactless” Locks operate differently. Instead of inserting
the Key Card, the guest simply presents the Key Card to the lock. The lock then reads the information stored on the card by means of RFID, and grants access to the room to valid cards. There is no physical contact between the lock and the card.

This modern technology eradicates the need for a magnetic strip or visible micro chip, and hence eliminates any friction and resultant card damage. This means that “Contactless” Key Cards have a virtually unlimited life span. As there is no direct contact between the card and either the encoding equipment or the lock itself, replacement of reader heads and instigation of a cleaning regime is not required. In addition the locks are free from opening slots preventing ingress of dirt, dust and other outside influences, prolonging the lifespan of the lock itself.